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App is in demo stage, development is in progress. Optimised for mobile first, please view this app on your mobile phone. 

The main objective of this web application is to develop an app which will help people in managing their workouts. It’s a fitness app that helps people to record and view statistics of their workout progress in charts/graphs.

I like gym, and I do my diary and record how many reps/weight/sets I have done on a particular exercise machine. I record it in my notepad with a pen. This record helps me to see if I am progressing. The next week I come in to gym, I look at my notepad and see last week’s statistics, so it helps me not to forget how many reps/sets I have done, so I can adjust to go for a little more.

The problem I faced, is that it would be much nicer to view the whole statistics on the graph of a particular exercise machine/part of body. It will help me to see visually on how I am progressing. It will then list the exercises that available for this part of body in pictures. Once you have chosen the exercise you can start logging your sets/reps/weight and the save it. Once you are currently logging in data, in other tab I can see my last’s week records, or view all history. Once I do a record of a set, it will compare the last times record and show the difference, it will be a notification saying you have increased your weight by 2 kg from last time.

Many other features will be added, like push app notification on when to go to gym. Create your own programs. Video gallery that shows how properly to do the exercise on machine.

You can view the whole statistics of your exercise on your dashboard and be up-to-date on your progress.


Angular Flex Layout, SCSS, JAVASCRIPT, TypeScript, Angular Material 2, FIREBASE